Satin Pillowcase (Custom Color/Pattern)

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Super Soft Satin Pillowcases even for a babys hair!
Skin Therapists and Hair Sylists BOTH recommend sleeping on a satin pillowcase

Did you know that using a satin pillowcase keeps your hair safe while you sleep? The satin pillowcase is one of the best hair care secrets.

Select from a variety of sizes and colors of our satin pillowcases. Once you enjoy the smooth luxurious indulgence of satin, you may never go back to ordinary pillowcases! Charmeuse satin. Custom made to order. You will feel like a queen or king as your skin and hair sink in its luxuriousness.

A great gift idea!

Some buyers request that the pillowcases he/she orders to have (character) cotton on one side and satin on the other, one reason was to make it fun for a child while the other was to keep the pillow from slipping and slicing around during the night! Genius right?!

Did you know that experts in the haircare industry have sworn by satin pillowcases for years? Did you know that satin is the most gentle fabric for ALL hair types?

For little girls who have long hair and fight about getting it combed or brushed, sleeping on a satin pillowcase will drastically reduce the amount of tangles, frizz, fights and tears in the morning!

Hair Stylists agree, satin pillowcases are helpful in . . .
1. Reducing hair breakage
2. Maintaining moisture balance in your hair and skin
3. Protecting hairstyles

Email me your color choice(s) or leave them in the notes to seller! ENJOY!!