Opening Shop on a new platform

Posted by Darius Wright on

Oh goodness, not again. I've created and re-created my site so many times now just exploring and trying to find what works best for the business, and here I go again! This one woman show is one of the most difficult tasks I've had to take on, of course it was by the same time it sort of just fell into my lap along with my daughter, lol. It's not about just Dari, on top of PureDari, I have a family and children on top of myself. I have to be a wife, a mother, friend, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, business-owner, gym rat, etc. It's hard right? Then I have to shop for inventory, stock it, buy supplies, make every item, price and list everything, research prices of the competition....the list is never-ending! Then I decide to start my website on a brand new platform while still fulfilling orders from my Etsy Shop as well as Custom Orders from Facebook, Friends AND Family. When do I breathe? 


This is not a complaint. I am MAKING IT HAPPEN.